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A great note from a friend and fellow teacher:
I don't know if I've mentioned this, but my husband is a neuropsychologist, meaning that he studies the physical aspects of thought.  He teaches biopsych and psychopharmacology.  I actually approach TCC from that perspective.  This lets me teach people who would not respond to the appeal of "spiritual" explanations of chi as energy. 
 If you think of the moves as a dance or conversation  between left brain and right brain (the mind's yin and yan) pulling them apart and knitting them together it is really quite lovely and renewing.  Our brains initiate the movement, but as soon as we begin moving there is a "loop" going on between brain and body.  Our body is telling our brain to be calm, organized, balanced, joyful. Imagine the calculus our brains do as we achieve the position in cosmic consciousness. . .hips straight, weight the same on both legs.  This would be hard to do if we had to intend it, but by maintaining the sense of the crown of the head rising, our brains do the math for us.  Our bodies tell our brain "knit together.  Left and right brain integrate yin and yan energy".  It's not magical thinking, but is pretty magical.
Carol Nelson-Selby